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Lisa glanced around one more time. She was happy and satisfied with what she saw — expensive gadgets, modern paintings and luxury decoration. She liked the company. But she knew one thing: getting a job here wouldn’t come easy.

The second stage of the interview was about to begin. Lisa…


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“Another day in paradise!” mumbled Anton pushing the latest update with that critical feature he got at the standup.
8:52 pm on the clock and everyone already left. Just Anton and the cleaning guy. Anton didn’t know his name, but they always greeted each other.
He hesitated a bit about packing…

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This article is a kind of case study for those about to start or who recently started their online advertising journey using the Google Ads platform. I hope this will prevent you from any unexpected losses and help you understand how it works and what to expect. In the end…


“A significant part of my consulting practice involves conducting autopsies on large, failed IT projects. Appallingly, most of the disasters could have been anticipated from the data available during the project.” Payson Hall (Consulting project manager)

Different systems sending data to Test Intelligence module.


Somewhere in July 2019, I was discussing common issues in Testing with my friend…

I should probably start with the apologies for the false header 😁

There’s no such thing as the best programming language for Selenium. Every language has its own benefits and drawbacks; each is unique and beautiful in its way. …

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“I’d finish this component days ago coding Vanilla JavaScript!” — Anonymous Crew2Captain developer.


Let me start with some background of the project and the team. Crew2Captain is a community-oriented platform with the main goal to connect people who own boats with people who enjoy water activities so that they can…

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”The best time to automate your tests is when you have a regression kit, and there are repetitive steps in your test routine”. I’ve heard this statement many times from test automation (TA) developers. But, is it true for every case? How would you justify the benefits of TA for…

How many times did you work on an idea and didn’t finish it? That happened many times to me… Wasn’t I worthy of my ideas/dreams/projects or was that just another phase I didn’t manage to pass?

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I found a very motivating article in my inbox earlier today with the topic…

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